Sunday, December 18, 2011

Why Stellar Phoenix SQL Recovery becomes a first choice of the users

The user conversation: Questions and Answers:

All the questions comes in users mind with these words “WHY What WHO WHERE WHEN, How?? To better understand about the software, how it works?? and why to choose it?? here are some answers to such  questions that many user may have in their mind to ask:

Why You prefer Stellar Phoenix SQL Recovery Software?
As per my opinion the best software is one that makes iTunes accessible to blind. It means I am recommending best software that is perfect for novice user as well for techi one. I have checked the software interface which is very easy to understand, each & every point mention in the software make it user friendly.. I highly appreciate this software is compatible with all the latest version of SQL Server & Windows. 

Have You find any pitfalls in it?
This is more a personal opinion: If my calculations are correct, for heavy database it performs slow recovery. I understand that it is a tough task because the recovery scanning process of SQL database in vast mode with various SQL queries to get maximum recovery of SQL database is a tough task. I wish in the coming version it become fast so that it become best software for SQL Recovery.

What narrowing your focus that makes it unique with other one?
I do not think any other software is “the new choice of mine”!! I know that Stellar is irreplaceable, but On the other hand I also want to say, It is better to add some other great features in new version to make it more effective with other one.

This is all we know right now, just over an hour of the client conversation.

Useful Note for every user: It is high recommendation to check user manual & demo version of the software before purchasing it. Demo version will show you that all your SQL data is recoverable by the software or not. User manual have full information about the software from A to Z.

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