Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Get the Solution of Error 3343 in MS Access Database

MS-Access is mostly used in the small organizations to manage the valuable data. A database user faces different database errors during run-time and error 3343 is one of them. Error 3343 occurs when the database has corrupted and a user tries to access the same database. Possibly following error message is display on the user’s screen:

Let’s walk through the different reasons behind this error:

Reason 1: Splitting of the database
As we all know that a database can be small or large in the size. In the most cases; user stores data in a single file of the database and this single database file grows day by day and can create trouble. Spitting of database can fix the problem, but it is not the concern here. When you try to split this database into two parts and corruption on a single part of the database may be the main reason of whole database corruption. This is very serious issue and complete database repairing is a very tough job when it large in size.

How to fix: MS-Access has inbuilt repair tool to repair the database and it is called Compact and Repair utility. With this utility, you can easily repair the corrupt database.

Note: If the user is unable to repair the database using above utility then can download other tool which can repair the database.

Reason 2: Opening a database in previous version
It is the second most possible reason behind the error 3343 in MS Access database. Default file format supported by the Access 2007 and 2010 is .accdb and if you want to open the Access 2010 file into Access 2003 then, you have to convert the file of 2010 to 2003 by MS- Access. Mostly you convert the database into the earlier version for sharing with others.

How to fix: Split the database into parts and open the database file in the previous version are the main reasons of this error. To fix this error you can take help from reliable commercial software


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