Tuesday, August 28, 2012

How to fix Error “The Microsoft Jet Engine cannot open this file”

Definition: “The Microsoft Jet Engine cannot open this file” error message arisen in two different scenarios; When you connected Microsoft Access database by using  use ADO or ODBC Server OR when you are trying to start FRx or generate a report.
Full Error message:


This error message has two different scenarios as I have already mentioned above & also have two different error codes: '3051' ; '80004005'. For both error codes causes & solutions are different but the error description is the same which mention in above image.

Error Number: '3051'

Explanation:  The file that is present in error message has the read-only status or the user has insufficient permissions for the directory containing the file.

Recommended Action:

1.Open Windows Explorer.
2.Locate the folder \\server\share\FRx\directory.
3.Right-click the directory containing file and select [Properties].
4.Click the [General] tab.
5.Clear [Read-only] under the Attributes options.

Error Number: '80004005'

Explanation: There are many causes behind this error:
  • Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) is using the account that does not have the correct Windows permissions for a file-based database or for the folder that contains the file.
  • The name of file and the data source name are marked as Exclusive.
  • Access database is opened by another user.
  • User is trying to access a local Access database that is linked to a table but the table is in an Access database on a network server.
Recommended Action: Actions according to above mentioned causes:
  • First check the permissions of the file and the folder.
  • After that verify the file and the data source name are not marked as Exclusive.
  • Check that the database is used by another user or not.
  • Disable password synchronization for the Internet Information Server 4.0 application.
NOTE: First verify the error code before using any solutions!!

The above Recommended Action will surely help you to fix the Error “The Microsoft Jet Engine cannot open this file” which appears on your screen. Hope you will find it useful. Don’t forget to share your comments.

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