Wednesday, March 21, 2012

How to repair Access Database that mark as Suspect/Corrupted

Do you ever face the situation when your Access database gets corrupted? I have heard from many Access database users about Access database mark as suspect/ corrupted. 

Let me share the scenario why did this error occur: It may be possible when database is open and writing data and suddenly Access is incorrectly shut down. In this case the Jet database engine will mark the database as suspect or corrupted. This can be happen due to following reasons such as:

  • You may have manually turned off the computer without first quitting Windows and access database.
  • Due to power loss at same time when you were performing any action on access database. 

If any of these interruptions occur, Jet Engine may mark the database as corrupted.

How this happens:

When Jet begins a write operation, at this time it sets a flag. When the operation gets completed then it resets the flag. During this process if a write operation is interrupted, the flag remains set. In this situation, when you try to open that database again, Jet determines that the flag is set and reports that the database is corrupted or suspected. 

How to resolve it:

In this case, compacting or repairing the database (or both) can typically restore the database. Before using Compact and Repair Utility on a database, the following conditions must be met: 

  • You must login with a/c that has Administer security permissions for all tables in the database.
  • Enough disk space must exist for both the original and the compacted versions of the access database.
  • The repaired or compacted database is renamed as the original access database after successfully completing Compact utility.
  • During process of compacting, access database must be opened exclusively by Microsoft Jet to prevent any users from accessing and modifying the database during this process.

So these steps can surely help you to repair access database that mark as suspected/ corrupted. Despite your best attempts, however, you might not be able to repair your access database. Then you can try Access recovery software to repair suspected database. As there is demo version is also available through which you can easily examine the database and check how much database can be recovered by using demo version of the software. 

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