Friday, February 17, 2012

An Alternative way to Recover SQL Server Database

Like most technology users, I am always ready and willing to try new recovery utilities either it is inbuilt SQL Server utilities or third party tools. The inbuilt utilities seemed to present an accessible and uniform way for users with smart features to recover corrupt SQL Server database. Those vast features utilities seemed to open a way of opportunity for users to recover data. But after using them for long time, I shifted my perspective.

My initial experience with these utilities was very terrible, I remembered once my friend has received an error after SQL database corruption due to that it was very difficult to perform any action on database or to open database. At that time I have recommended my friend to try DBCC CHECKDB command to recover the corrupt files on SQL Database. 

My friend have faced problem to recover SQL database with Inbuilt utility and hardly recover SQL database even I too have tried multiple times to run this command but the problem remains the same. 

Like other Database users, I also wanted to recover database by hook & crook. The conclusion I found that using inadequate technology, lack of knowledge and corruption level are just three of the reasons to failed database recovery process that are not clicking in users mind.  

After continue study on the same topic I have found good solution which was very helpful. It was to choose another Recovery Software to recover the SQL database.

Alternative of Inbuilt utilities: 

It is not necessary that DBCC CHECKDB utility will work in every corruption scenarios. The alternative way to solve this issue is SQL Database Recovery Software. With this software, any user can simply select the corrupt mdf file and easily repair database information. SQL Recovery Software is far more compelling and interactive tool to make SQL database accessible after corruption. With this software, User will feel like that they are directly interacting with database, even users have no need to learn a bulk of commands that elicits no reaction.

I have noticed that maximum users have already started to use recovery software. For example, they directly asked me in there mails. Also there are positive comments on SQL database recovery software. 

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