Friday, August 26, 2011

How to repair access file & valuable data from the corrupt access database safely

Microsoft Access is a desktop database application and is designed to run from a single computer system. Unlike Server database applications, which are installed at a server system and accessed from a remote computer, MS Access database solely hosts on a single system. The application was indeed developed to full fill the need of small scale enterprises and the home users. Access comes with the Microsoft Office suite and can be installed like any other software package. As a product of Microsoft, though it is almost flawless, there are occasions, in which Access users face loss/inaccessibility of valuable data following Access database corruption. For all such instances, the Access database repair utilities can be immensely helpful.

Using the MS Access database, you can create Tables, Forms, Reports etc. Small organizations use Access to keep record of their sales cum purchase information. People use the application to get their sales reports by grouping, arranging various informations from the invoices, product table, customer table etc. With many simple and easy-to-use features, Access is widely used for analyzing daily, weekly or monthly business reports by many.

With many important data in the Access files, sometimes, it gets corrupted leaving all your precious data either lost or inaccessible. Below written are some of the commonly faced reasons behind Access corruption:
  • Contradictory third-party plug-ins
  • Malfunctioning of Microsoft Office
  • Operating system crash
  • Malware/Virus infection
  • Simultaneous alteration of the MS Access components
  • Corruption to the file system of the computer

One interesting finding about data loss is that data is never lost form the media till the same is overwritten by some other data. Therefore, under any instance of database corruption, if you can prevent the troubled database from further damage, it cane be definitely recovered back.

However, in any case of Access corruption, if you can sense the reason to be related with other than the Access database itself, you must first try to resolve the same. Secondly, you have always the safest option to get the data back by restoring it from the recent backup.

In case, you do not have any backup available, you need to choose and run any good third party Access repair utility to do the job.

The Access Recovery Software is an wonderful utility to repair Access file and recover your troubled database under any instance of corruption. These third party software is read-only in its operations and very helpful in getting the data back.

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