Thursday, July 28, 2011

Recover Oracle database with the safest ever utility

Among many available database applications of the recent time, Oracle is the most widely used relational database application. Many leading organizations as well as individual users use Oracle to store their business critical data. But, sometimes, while working on Oracle, we encounter error messages, which result in the inaccessibility of the data in the database. The loss or inaccessibility of the Oracle database can cause huge loss in terms of money, effort and business. For such situations, when your failed to resolve any typical Oracle error, you can take the help of any Oracle recovery software to recover your data back.

You were working on a project with Oracle spatial. When you fired a distributed query, Oracle displayed an error message and the connection to the database disconnected. The error message that you received may be written as below:

ORA-03113: end-of-file on communication channel


The prime cause behind the above error message is that the communication path in between the Client and Server has broken. Though, this is a communication error, it still needs further investigation. You can also more information on the error by using the 'oerr utility'.

This sudden Oracle error may signal several things with a single note. It may be a network problem, crashing of the server system, Oracle internal errors etc. Apart from this, the reason can be the killing of the server process by the operating system, aborting server processes or incorrect handling of multiple connections.

  • Check out the Client-Server network connection, whether that is working or not.
  • If everything is alright with the hardware settings, check the 'alert.log' file any error logs.
  • If you failed to get any clue out of the above two, see whether the server process is dead. Check for any clue in the generated trace file and follow the appropriate command.
If you failed to resolve the issue and all your data in the Oracle database is still inaccessible, the best possible way of getting them back is to restore them from the backup server. If you have taken backup of your data and there is a valid backup available, you can easily restore the database. However, if you do not have any recent backup or failed in the restoration process, you have to take the help of any good Oracle database recovery utility.
Stellar Phoenix Oracle Recovery is a powerful dbf recovery software, which can help you retrieve all your valuable data back under almost any instance or Oracle database trouble. Moreover, the software is completely risk-free and absolutely easy-to-use.

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