Wednesday, November 21, 2012

How to repair corrupted WordPress MySQL Database

Suddenly My database stops responding & displays following error message:

./loginname_blog/wp_options' is marked as crashed and should be repaired

The error message was shown when I was trying to login my Wordpress Blog & access to the server. After checking this error, I thought that I have lost my database permanently as the message indicates itself that WordPress table wp_options has been crashed or become corrupted & it needs to repair. In last, I decided to search about this error on internet. After full research on error, I found two options to repair corrupt MySQL database table: 

[1] Using cPanel: Use following steps: 

a. Log in to your cPanel 
b. Go to MySQL Databases. 
c. Modify Databases, select a database from the drop-down box  
d. then click the Repair DB button.

[2] Using phpMyAdmin: Use following steps: 

  • Open your phpMyAdmin and select the database from which you want to repair table. 
  • Select the tables that you want to repair. 
  • From Drop down menu, choose Repair table option. This will execute the REPAIR TABLE SQL query on the selected tables and they will be repaired.

In case, above steps get failed to repair the damage MySQL database then you should create a new database and re-installing WP. After completing WP installation, try to extract all your blog posts from the corrupted post database file with a text editor and then recreate all your blog postings one by one. 

It is very lengthy & long procedure. If you want to get rid of this long procedure then you should use MySQL Database Recovery Software. The software repairs corrupt MySQL database as well as all corrupted MySQL database objects. These Recovery Software are very easy to use & repair corrupt database in few easy steps. 

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