Friday, November 23, 2012

How to Fix Error “Microsoft Office Access has detected corruption in this file”

Problem: This morning, I have encountered with corrupt mdb file. When I was trying to open, or perform any other action on access database, I got the following error message: 

"xyz.mdb has detected corruption in this file. To try to repair the corruption, first make a backup copy of the file. Then, on the Tools menu, point to the Database Utilities and click Compact and Repair Databsae. If you are currently trying to repair this corruption then you will need to recreate this file or restore it from a previous backup."

I also tried to access database window but modules and queries wouldn't open. 

Platforms: Access Database 2003

NOTE: As the error message indicates before taking any step important to create a backup copy of corrupt file. 

Suggestion: When you suffered with any database corruption error, DONT take it lightly. Take some proper steps to repair your corrupt database otherwise you may be unable to recover your database forever. 


  • First I tried Compact and repair utility to repair corrupt mdb file but had no effect.
  • I had backup of my corrupt file then I tried to restore it from my backup but it also got failed. 
  • After that I tried to create a new database file and importing all data from the old database to new database. But NO Luck!!
  • After that I tried to import the few objects at a time so that I may find the object which cause the problem But still NO Luck!!
  • I finally found a another solution decompile on a COPY of my database. But you can't imagine that this option also get failed, Today is my bad luck!! 
  • In last only one option get left that is Third Party Access Repair Software. The Software repairs corrupt mdb & accdb files after most of the access database corruption errors. I can say now that this is the luckiest day of my life. This save my whole life data. 

Last Words:  You should try all possible repair solutions on copy of your corrupt database. If anything goes wrong then it will only affect database copy not the original database. So you can try any other solutions on your database to get back your data. BEST OF LUCK!! Hope it will help you to repair your corrupt database and file!!

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