Wednesday, November 28, 2012

How to fix Error: “Microsoft Office has detected that this database is in inconsistent state”

Yesterday When I was working on my Access database, suddenly the computer power plug got loose. After that, when I was trying to open the database, I got following error message: 

When I was clicking on 'OK' button, a second error message box appeared, which states, 

"The database <database path> can't be repaired or isn't a Microsoft Access database file.”

Why these errors occur? I found some causes & solutions of the error. 

Cause: This is the Access 2007 error message which indicates that MDB file got corrupted.

PS: When you are going to use any recovery step, Use copy of your database. Do not perform any step on original database.  

Methods that I used:

1. Run 'Compact & Repair' utility to repair your corrupt access database. 
Microsoft Office button >>From the Office menu, choose "Manage", then "Compact and Repair Database”

2.  If your database is not opening then you can also run a compact/repair without opening the database by using a command line switch.

Create a shortcut and for the target use: "c:\program files\office
11\msaccess.exe" "c:\pathtodatabase\database.mdb" /repair

you’ll have to replace the two parts in quotes with the actual path to your Access executable and database. 

3.  Unfortunately, there are some access database corruption errors that cannot be fixed by compact & repair utility.  In this case, create a blank database, and try to import one table into the database. If that works, then you can import all the tables into that new database.

4.  If all above steps got failed then you should use third party access repair software to repair corrupt access database. These software work on all access database corruption errors even compact & repair get failed to repair database. 

Hope above steps will help you to resolve this error “Microsoft Office has detected that this database is in inconsistent state”!!

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