Tuesday, February 28, 2012

An Importance to Manage linked tables in access database

For each linked table the Access database stores full path of backend database. There are lots of cases in which helps to properly manage linked tables, these cases are:

  • If your tables are not properly attached then backend data file will be unavailable. 
  • If you are planning to move your current backend database to a new location then first manage all linked tables by relink to backend database otherwise whenever you will open “tables” you will found error message “data is not available”.
  • In case you would like to switch different backend, In such case you need to first manage all linked table otherwise you will get invalid entries in linked table.
  • When you restore corrupt Access database & the database objects get link to other database, In this case the procedure will get complicated because of unmanaged Linked table or due to corruption in linked table.

To manage all linked table issues, you should relink it again: 

1) Delete all the linked tables & recreate it.
2) Then use Linked Table Manager to change the current linked table’s locations to a new location.
3) After that use VBA code to relink the tables.

So Microsoft recommended, if your database is empty but instead using linked tables then you should back up your access database whenever you change its design. Like all experts said that backup is more than the data so always update your backup of database as well as backup of linked tables. 

If above procedure won't work and you are getting invalid entries in linked tables, it means your table get corrupt. Relink operation cannot recover corrupt table. In such case you should use third party Access Recovery Software. We can also recover corrupt Access database as well as linked tables with the help of third party access recovery software. Through this software we don't need to recreate or relink linked table.

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