Wednesday, February 29, 2012

3 Tweaks that Helped Me TO Recover MySQL Database In Few Hours

When I starts MySQL Server, I am not able to perform any action on it. Like other users, I am also stuck with MySQL Recovery process. But I am not able to understand “what is the reason behind it?” Recently, I made several changes to MySQL database that increased the speed of the database. 

Sometimes MySQL database can become inaccessible because of internal database corruption errors, hardware failure, software failure, power interruptions etc. Each possible database failure error requires a different recovery action. Protect your data against the possibility of data loss by having a well known recovery strategy in place. 

The tips I’m about to give you, it won’t cost you thousands of dollars—in fact, implementing these tips won’t cost you a cent. And they can easily be used by any user. My Guide will help you to recover your MySQL database in few hours. When you will apply any recovery strategy on your database then first check:

  • The database can be in recoverable stage?
  • Mark the time that will be spent to recover your database?
  • Mark the time that spent to performing backup operations?
  • How much storage space can be allocated for backup copies and another files.
  • Will Single table backup be sufficient, or will full MySQL database backups be necessary?

So these are some general terms you should know before performing MySQL Database Recovery 

3 useful tweaks:

Regular schedule for taking database backup:  The concept of a MySQL database is the same as any other database backup. Before taking the backup first shutting down the database to ensure that no further transactions occur, and then simply backing it up. Storing it on a different medium in case of failure or damage to the original. You can then rebuild the database if it becomes damaged or corrupted in some way. Take backup on regular basis to avoid the data loss.

Use Inbuilt Utilities to recover database: The inbuilt utility selection is depend on three terms:

1.Only want to repir MyISAM tables; corruption of the other table types;
3.Restore from backup;
If you only want to repair MyISAM tables, use this command:

REPAIR TABLE tablename[,tablename1...] [options];
myisamchk [options] tablename.MYI;

You can use inbuilt MySQL database utilities to repair all corrupt MySQL database tables: 

mysqlcheck [options] dbname tablename [tablename2... ];

or in last you can use restore option to repair MySQL database from the backup. These are some inbuilt utilities examples which you can use to repair MySQL database. 

Commercial Solutions: Third-party recovery software is one another solution to repair corrupt MySQL database & repair all corrupt MySQL database files. The software is build with very advanced technology & work for all MySQL database tables. 

So these are three tweaks to recover MySQL database. If the article helps you to recover your MySQL database, please give your valuable comments..

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