Friday, March 18, 2011

Database Recovery Software resolved all database corruption issues

Database Recovery Software is the best way to resolved database corruption issues. Some peoples suffer with corruption issues but some are not that's why first of all I want to explain how your database get corrupt & how to prevent it. Database gets corrupt due to many reasons like hard drive crash, software malfunction, hardware malfunction, human errors, virus attacks. All these reasons are most common reasons for database corruption. Another issues of corruption depends on which database you used like SQL, MySQL, DB2, Oracle, SharePoint etc. These database also get corrupted due to database internal errors like database table corruption, database objects corruption, database header damage.

How to prevent database from corruption

Most common & famous way to resolved corruption issues is updated backup. In my point of view every single person knows this solution but only 30% peoples update their backup. Always remember, you should weekly update your backup to get rid of database corruption so this is the solution for those 30% peoples who update their backup on weekly basis. Peoples who do not have backup copy of their database have another solution to get back your all corrupt data that is use of Database Recovery Software. These Software resolved all corruption issues & recover all your database in few minutes.

Choose those Software which fulfill all your requirements:

First check all the features of the software that it fulfill all your requirements or not. You can check all features very easily by demo version of the software. As all we knows experience matters a lot so choose that company which have huge experience in data recovery.

Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery is one of the best recovery company. It has 18 years huge experience in data recovery. It provides database recovery software for all database like Stellar SQL Database Software, MySQL Database Recovery Software, Stellar DB2 Recovery Software, Stellar Oracle Recovery Software, Stellar SharePoint Server Recovery Software, Stellar DBF Recovery Software.

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  1. Hello Adam,

    When I was search solution related to database corruption, I found your blog. I work on my system & try to access MySQL database & found MySQL Database get corrupted because my two colleagues was updating the same field at the same time. Due to this activity MySQL index file also get corrupted. What to do to repair corrupt MySQL database as well corrupt index file..