Thursday, February 24, 2011

Most common errors that occurs after db2 database corruption & how to fix it

Now a days database corruption is one of the most difficult problems to solve. Thats why I am explaining here errors that occurs after db2 database corruption & how to fix these errors. Error messages that occurs after db2 database corruption:

  • Error-118: When changing delete statement to select statement
  • Error-204: When dropping tables
  • Error-305: executing embedded SQL
  • Error-408: When calling stored procedure from a trigger
  • Error-532: When deleting
  • Error-545: During inserting
  • Error-632: When setting FK to DELETE SET NULL
  • An error occurred while storing the next synonym set to the dictionary file
  • Synonym XML file could not be accessed.
  • The program is unable to proceed with the installation of IBM DB2 Data Warehouse Edition because the operating system is not supported.
  • An error occurred while validating field. It is assumed to be valid.

Two common options to handle all above errors are:

  • The recommended recovery option to handle all above errors is to restore database from a backup. To restore database used restore utility tool or you can also use ”Restore Database ” command.
  • If restoring from a backup is not a viable option, then DB2 database recovery software is best option. These software recovers all db2 data affter possible cause of corruption.

Stellar Phoenix DB2 Recovery Software is best option to recover corrupt DB2 database. It handle all above errors & get back all db2 data. The Software restore all components of db2 database like tables, triggers, views, containers, schema, buffer pools etc. compatible with Windows Server 2003, XP and 2000.

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