Thursday, January 23, 2014

Security Features of MS Access 2010

MS Access is one of the most useful applications of MS Office suite. MS Access is a database management system that is suited for home users and small businesses. MS Access 2010 is included with MS Office 2010 suite. Along with various other useful and efficient features, this application includes more reliable ‘Security Features’. The security features of MS Access 2010 ensure enhanced security of your database file. The enhancements to these features help you to apply them more easily than before. Mentioned below are different security features included in MS Access 2010:

  • The ‘Trust Center’: The ‘Trust Center’ is a common feature of all MS Office applications for managing and changing the security settings of Office application. The location of ‘Trust Center’ in MS Access 2010 is ‘File >> Trust Center >> Trust Center Settings’. Generally, it performs a set of security checks when you open your database file. The process it follows for checking your database is as follows:
When you initially open the .accdb or .accde file, then Access submits the location of the database to the ‘Trust Center’. If ‘Trust Center’ finds that the location is trusted, then this database file opens with all its functionalities. If you open a database that has an earlier file format, then too Access submits that location and digital signature to ‘Trust center’.

Note: The decision made by ‘Trust Center’ for opening an Access file entirely depends upon the settings that you or your system administrator has made in ‘Trust Center’.

  • Disabled Mode: When the ‘Trust Center’ finds a database unreliable, it opens this database in ‘Disabled Mode’. That means it turns off all its executable content irrespective of its file format. The contents that are disabled by MS Access in disabled mode are VBA code, action queries, Data Definition Language (DDL) queries, SQL pass through queries, ActiveX controls, and unsafe actions in all macros. However, when you disagree with the decision of ‘Trust Center’, you can use the ‘Message Bar’ to enable its contents. 
  • Encrypt the Database with Password: Access 2010 enables you to password-protect your database. The password ensures that any unauthorized computer user does not use the data. Moreover, the password-protected Access database file is unreadable by any other Access application as well until you provide the correct password to open it. You can also encrypt the content of your Access database in Access 2010 version.
With these features, MS Access 2010 provides more reliable and trusted working environment to its users.

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