Monday, February 25, 2013

Learn All About SQL Server Database Recovery Advisor 2012

Database Recovery Advisor is the new feature of SQL Server 2012. It is the best feature of SQL Server 2012 that provides a better way to restore databases with the help of SQL Server Management Studio. Database Recovery Advisor restores databases to a point in time recovery. As we all knows that SQL Server Database provides a various types of backup & for the user, it is very tough to create the right recovery sequence. That’s why Microsoft introduces Database Recovery Advisor in SQL Server 2012 to make recovery process easy & also help users to create a right recovery sequence.  

For using this option, First Right-click on your database that you want to restore and then click on tasks>>Restore>>Database 

After that, you will see this picture: 

Click on Timeline option as shown in picture. After that, you will see this picture:

As you can see in this picture, by default, Database Recovery Advisor restores the database from the 'last backup taken'. You can also see an option in this picture that is 'Specific Date & Time'. It is called visual timeline feature which you can use to restore the database to an earlier point than last full backup. Now Choose “Specific date and time” option and after that use the arrow to specify the appropriate restore point & then click OK button.

It will navigate you to Database Restore dialog box as you can see in below picture: 

After that Click on OK button to start restore process. After completing the restore process, you will see this window: 

Congratulation you have successfully restores your database!!

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