Thursday, January 10, 2013

Are you unable to open access database form and report

Have you ever suffer with access database form and report corruption. If yes then this post will definitely guide you 'How can you easily resolve form & report corruption'. When the form and report get corrupted then in this case, you are unable to open forms and reports or you may get an error message while trying to open form and report. To resolve these types of corruption issues, you can use following steps: 

1. First create a new access database.

2. Turn off the Name AutoCorrect check boxes because AutoCorrect may cause the problem while importing the database: 

          * In Access 2010:  File>>Options>>Current Database.
          * In Access 2007:  Office Button>>Access Options>>Current Database.
          * In Access 2000 - 2003:  Tools>>Options>>General.

3. Import the access database tables: 

      Access 2007 or 2010: choose External Data | Import | Access.
      Access 95 – 2003: choose Get External on the File menu.

Note: If your database is split then again link all tables.  

4. Import all other objects such as queries, forms, reports, macros etc. 

5.After that set minimal References from this options:  


6. In last Compile your database>>Debug menu (from the code window) 

If the process will stop at step 5 then it will show you the name of the objects that has not been imported. All that objects are the corrupted objects. To repair these objects, you should try to import it again. If you are unable to import these badly corrupted form/report then you may also try to import these objects from a previous updated backup.  

Final Words: There is also a scenario in which you don't have backup & form/report got badly corrupted. In this case, you have one another solution that is Third Party Access Database Repair Software. These software repair corrupted access database objects as well as corrupted files. These software works under all corruption scenarios.

If you have any another suggestions, you are welcome to post your suggestions in comment box. 

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