Monday, December 17, 2012

How to Fix Error: “MSACCESS.EXE has generated errors and will shut down”

I am using Access Database 2000 to manage my data. Last two days back, I split my Access database. The frond-end database is resides in each user's computer and link to tables in another Access 2000 that resides on Server. Suddenly I have a problem with Access database on the server. When I am trying to open access database, it is asking me to repair database. During the repairing process, this following error message popped up and shut down the Access application: 

"MSAccess.exe has generated errors and will be closed by Windows. You need to restart. An error log is being created."

Cause: After doing full research on error, I found that this error occurs when back-end file get corrupted. Generally this happens when the front-end database is forcefully closed or crashes during an UPDATE operation. It leaves the database in an inconsistent state & waiting for the UPDATE operation to finish.   


1. The first step to resolve this error is to restore the file from the latest backup.

2. The second & most recommended solution is 'Compact & Repair' utility. 
Note: Before using this utility, you should ensure that you should have enough disk space for both the original and the compacted versions of the database. 

3. I resolved this issue by importing everything into a new database. This process is a bit of a painful & very lengthy, but not too bad because I got back my database by this step. 

4. Still if you are unable to open your database by above steps then you can also try one another solution that is third party Access Repair Software. These software repairs corrupt access database as well as corrupt database objects. 
Hopefully the article will help you to fix error MSACCESS.EXE has generated errors and will shut down. If you find any another way to fix this error then do share it with me and others too.

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