Tuesday, October 23, 2012

How to fix Corrupt Access Database Forms

Last night, when I was doing work on access database & try to edit any field on the form, it is cause Access to crash. I was not able to perform any action on forms. In last, I found that the form got corrupted. Generally we used 'Compacting and repairing' option to repair corrupt access database but in this case you cant use this option because it is only designed to fix up tables and indexes corruption. Here are some solutions to repair corrupt form:
Copy & Paste the form in to new database: Try to copy & paste the corrupted form in to new database & save it with the different file name. If it works then delete the corrupted one.
Import it into new file: Do you have a backup copy of the database If so, you can delete the form and then import it from the backup copy.
Decompile your database: Decompile used to fix form corruption & help when the startup form takes several seconds to load. 
SaveAsText and LoadFromText: Both commands also help to fix corrupted form. 

Third Party Access Repair Software: These software are designed to repair corrupt access database. The software also repairs corrupt access database objects like forms, reports, tables etc. Even the objects get severely damage, the software easily repair all objects of the database. 
Make a backup copy of your database before using any step. 

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