Thursday, September 27, 2012

4 Easy Tips to Repair Corrupt Access Database

Access Database corruption situation can occur at any time, you can get more fostered if you did not find the best solution to repair Access Database. With a little bit research, you might get better solution to repair the database or at least recover the data. 
Note: Before you take any action it’s advisable take backup copy of your database!!! Apply all the recovery steps on the copy of the database. 
Here are some important tips to successfully repair your corrupt database: 

Compact & Repair: If any corruption error get occurs while you are working on your Access database than you should first use compact and repair utility to repair corrupt access database. 
  • In Access 2010, click Compact and Repair Database on the Database Tools ribbon.
  • In Access 2007, click the Office button (top left), then Manage.
  • In Access 95 – 2003, choose Database Utilities from the Tools menu.

Decompile Your Database: Compact & Repair utility does not restore forms, reports modules and macros. If the form & report get corrupted then you should decompile your database. 
Windows>>Start>>Run command line>>type: msaccess.exe /decompile
where msaccess.exe includes the complete path. For example, for Access 2010:
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office14\MSACCESS.EXE /decompile
First open your database that you want to decompile:
1.Open up any module. Compile it via Debug, Compile.., then File, Save.
2.Go back to the database and Compact it.  

Create a new database & import everything into it: 
When all above steps get failed to repair damage access database then, we can import the contents of that file into a new database. To import an existing database file we first need to create a new blank database.
  • File menu>>select New>>choose database. 
  • From the File menu>>choose Get External Data>>Import>>select the original database file. 
  • When the file is opened, click the Select All button on each of the tabs in the Import Objects dialog box. 
  • These steps will help you to import all of the Tables, Queries, Forms, etc. from the original database into the new database.

If access database get stopped during the import process, it means that the process hit by a damaged database object. In this case, you have to import database objects in that group one-by-one. Access database does not allow you to import damage objects into a new database, so in such condition you need to re-create that objects.
Once the process completed then you should copy all the objects from the original database in a new database and you are ready to use the new database.

As a conclusion we can say: 
There can be numerous access database corruption errors which may not be resolved just applying above methods. If the error still unresolved then we can also try third party access database recovery software to repair corrupt Access database & files. I hope this way we can easily repair corrupt access database.

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