Friday, April 13, 2012

Getting to grips with unexpectedly SQL Server Database Corruption

Data is the most valuable thing for any organization even big or small organizations. It is important for you to be ready to face if there is some data loss take place due to any reason. If you are already prepare in advance then you will face less loss to your business, A smart thinker always think about future, So you have to be ready too before any unwanted situation occur which creates unfavorable impact to your database.


You can easily protect your database against simple data loss scenarios but the most extreme data loss scenarios can only be solve by proper planning. So here are two main steps to handling data loss scenarios:

1) Take Full Backup of the database: Full Backup contains the database copy at the time the backup finished. You can take full backup either by using SQL Server Management studio or by T-SQL.

Benefits of Full Backup

  • Full backups are completely independent from any other backups.
  • These backups supports all recovery models(Full, Differential, Bulk-Logged)

2) Full Backup is sufficient for those users who have read only database. But if your database is involving many transactional activities then Full backup is not sufficient for you. At this time, you should take Transaction log backup. You can restore a database to any point of time failure by restoring log backup. But you have to underline one point to be able to restore your database by using log backup that you must be using the Full Recovery Model.

Benefits of Transaction Log backup
  • It Supports recovery of individual transactions.
  • It Supports Recovery of all incomplete transactions.
  • Rolling back a restored SQL Server database, file, filegroup to the point of failure.
  • It supports high availability SQL Server solutions such as database mirroring, and log shipping.


Additionally, there are various High Availability Solutions introduced by Microsoft, including, Log Shipping, Database Mirroring and Replication; which you can use to handle SQL database corruption issue or a database failure issue. The SQL Recovery Software also helps users to recover corrupt SQL Server database. It works even you don't have full backup, log backup of your database. It also works when high availability solutions fail to repair corrupt SQL Server database. 


Hope this post will help you to handle SQL database corruption. Any comments will be highly appreciated!!!

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