Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Access Database get corrupted: An Important Information for every Single User

Access Database: Access is database software to store your valuable data in a organize way. You can create tables that help to organize your data. You can also create forms to input the data into the tables and then you can create reports that help to print selected info from the tables.

It is also possible that Access database get corrupted due to any reason then you need to be aware save database from corruption. Here I am sharing few answers which you may have faced Access database corrupted. 

What has happened? 
Between 19 Feb and 20 Feb, I have realized that there had been an "unknown error" displaying in the Access database. The database automatically shut down and my mind got stuck.

How has this happened?
I have asked many access users and all said they will reply to answer as soon as possible. Indeed, I have written mails to many access experts demanding an explanation of this error as well solution. It seems, though, that there has been severe corruption in the mdb file infrastructure. At the end, I got many mails with same message saying your database got corrupt!! They also suggested me to post my issue on numerous access help forum sites that provide solutions related to access database corruption & errors. 

What should I do about my database corruption?
While your database is getting shut down, there's nothing you can do with your database not even run compact & repair command So first you should immediately copy your database in to different drive & run access database recovery software on it. This software recovers database in most cases of database corruption without harm your original database.

What other precautions should I take?
Do whatever you want to do with your database but only on copy of your database. Don't perform any experiment on original corrupt file. 
Before performing any action take a backup of your database.
Find the exact cause of database corruption, it will help you to take better solution in database corruption case.

How will I know if my database has been corrupted?
A Database Corruption: There are many cases when database corruptions are hidden and are found only by testing & applying unique steps. There is also a severe database corruption case in which you are not able to be connected to the database. In some cases the database shows strange errors or when it is not possible to restore the database from backup copy also. These are some common database corruption symptoms.

Can I safe my database in future from such corruption:
It’s all depend on your usage of your database means how well you use your database. Here are some tips to prevent your access database form corruption:

  • A backup is more than your data and compact regularly.
  • Do not copy access file if your database is open.
  • Don't Shutdown your system without closing Access database.
  • Never allow users to modify the same file at the same time

These are some general terms, The database corruption is an issue facing every users in your life. There is always a question mark whether this database application can ever be 100% corruption free.

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