Monday, January 16, 2012

Stellar Phoenix New Launched - SQL Recovery Version 4.0

Stellar Phoenix, a provider of affordable and all-in-one data recovery software & services, announces their most awaited release of SQL Recovery Software new updated version - Stellar Phoenix SQL Recovery 4.0. 


Before I share more about SQL Recovery new version I would like to share how I have got to know about this latest news. I always love to write on my blog related to SQL Recovery Software, SQL database corruption issues etc. When any changes comes in market regarding these topics. It was record that I was always be the first one who have read the latest information and spread to friends or to write on my blog but today one of my friend making me aware about this update. I feel a bit awkward that I missed to be the first one to share but it sounds like I have something interesting to write on my blog :)


Stellar Phoenix SQL Recovery 4.0:  This new version introduces the new features to simplify SQL database recovery process that help users to repair SQL database completely. With this updated version, Stellar Phoenix SQL Recovery Software makes things much easier for users, especially for professionals, who need to recover SQL data in few minutes. The Software is 4th times faster than the earlier version.


There are tons of features added in a new version:  

  • It supports SQL Server 2008 R2.
  • It supports recovery for large SQL Server .NDF files.
  • It supports XML data types. XML indexes.
  • It supports SQL Server 2008 file stream data types. SQL Server 2008 sparse columns.
  • It supports SQL Server 2008 columns set property.
  • Fast Scanning process.
  • Make separate log report after scanning database.
  • It shows Sorted tables in tree view and generates sorted log report.


So Welcome to a new version of SQL Recovery Software.
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