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Stuck with SQL Database Recovery Process? Sit Back and Keep reading this article

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When I start SQL Server application, it starts to recover all three SQL Server database files (MDF, NDF, LDF). Due to this all transactions are either committed or rolled-back. I suffer with one another problem: The server get terminated in the middle of a long running update, Normally the recovery process takes a few minutes, but after server termination it takes plenty of time like we update SQL Server.

Steps that I follow:
  • Give it enough time to recover SQL Server ,
  • for checking what exactly happened, I  checked the current and previous errorlog files, and NT errorlogs,
  • After that I check recovery progress for this I set trace flag 3412 which writes an entry to the errorlog when each transaction is rolled forward or back.

In very rare cases SQL Server is not recover the database correctly. After completing these steps until the recovery process is take time to complete. You can restore SQL server database with updated backup. If you do NOT have a backup then you can use the following trace flags to recover SQL Server database:
  • If the database is still unavailable - marked as suspect - then run the following command to put the SQL database into emergency mode.

  UPDATE master..sysdatabases SET status=-32768 WHERE name='<dbname>'
       Then you can access into the database and extract out the data.
  • After performing all steps if you are unsure what to do, then don't hesitate to use the SQL Recovery Software provided by Stellar Phoenix. They are available 24x5 to deal with the customer problems and prevent your data with data loss.

Small Overview About the software
  • Software recovers MDF & NDF Files
  • Recovers almost all objects of SQL Server Database
  • Recover database in most possible cause of corruption
  • Support all latest version of SQL Server & Windows OS

You can check the site for more detailed information about the software. If this article is useful for you & solve your SQL Recovery issue, write your valuable comment!!!
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