Thursday, July 21, 2011

Access Database corruption Error "AOIndex is not an index in this table"

Have you got this error message : "AOIndex is not an index in this table"

Here I am sharing my personal experience on this error message. After replicating the access database , I stores it in the same network folder. Now I am not able to open access database & got error message:

"AOIndex is not an index in this table"

It make my access database unusable !!

Why this error occurs: This error have multiple reasons:
  • Faulty entries in the MSysAccessObjects table.
  • Corruption in the MSysAccessObjects table.
  • Invalid indexes error.
  • MS Access database corruption.

  • If you have non corrupted backup copy of access database then try to export all the forms.
  • Make a copy and try the free Microsoft Jet Compact Utility program. The Jet Compact Utility program has fixed invalid index errors.
  • Use Access compact/repair utility. This utility rebuilds the indexes.
  • Try third party access recovery software to repair corrupt access database indexes.
In which conditions you can use all above four solutions:

  • You should have backup to apply this solution.
  • Jet Compact Utility program won't work on severely corrupt access database.
  • Compact/repair utility has some limitations. If compact/repair utility discovers data that violates the indexes then it drops the index. The table still has all the same data, but the index is gone. If you have relationships to other tables that depend on this index, the repair process will drop those relationships. SO in this case it is not work properly. To fix this situation, you need to identify the records that violate the index. To find the problem records, you have to use some query. So in this case it is very hactic procedure & not easily understand by everyone.
  • Third party access database recovery software recovers corrupt access database in most possible cause of corruption. First use demo version of the software to check how much corrupt access data is recovered by the software after that purchase it.

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  1. Solution you have described worked perfectly for me. I had also tried tool developed by Dirk Goldgar but failed to fix.