Friday, May 6, 2011

how to resolve SQL0293N Error in db2 database

Have you got below error message while trying to start your DB2 database:
"SQL0293N Error accessing a table space container"

When above error occurs you can not access your db2 database & unable to perform any action on db2 database.

There are some common cause of this error:

This error occurs when database get start and during the processing of the ALTER TABLESPACE SQL statement with the SWITCH ONLINE option,.
  • The container tag get corrupt.
  • The container was not found.
  • The container is improperly tagged to a different table space.

To Resolved this error perform following actions:

1. Check that the containers must be readable and writable by the database instance owner.
2. If you have updated copy of backup , try to restore the table space or db2 database.
3. If above action fails because of the bad container then try to manually remove the container first.
4. If the error was returned from the processing of an ALTER TABLESPACE SQL statement with the SWITCH ONLINE option, then re-issue the statement after correcting the all above problems .

After performing all above steps if you still get same error message then you should try db2 recovery software to resolved this issue.

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