Wednesday, September 29, 2010

In Today’s world Why Backup is so important

A backup is a copy of data that is used to restore and recover that data after a system failure. Every person knows that data stored in a database. In today’s world every single company used database to save their data. So For explain this topic “Why Backup are so important” I take an Example of database by which I can explain this topic” Why Backup is so important” as well as what points should be remember when we take backup of our data. Here I am going to explain you Sharepoint because now a day’s sharepoint is so much popular because of its new features.

What is Sharepoint

Sharepoint is not only a database; it is a server & also has many features like- SharePoint allows people to create websites with different content and different purposes.

One common use of SharePoint in organizations is to create sites that enable team members to better work with one another. They can use the site to share documents, assign tasks, track team events on a shared web calendar, and much more.

Many companies use SharePoint for their central document storage, replacing network folders.

Another common use is as a corporate portal where the corporate employees can go and download forms, read corporate news, fill in surveys, and search for documents.

Finally, some companies choose the SharePoint platform as the platform for their Internet sites—where visitors from around the world can visit the company's website and read about the company's products, register for events, and do whatever it is the site has been configured to allow them to do.

Sharepoint sites have many built-in features likes security management, lists of information, document libraries, views, alerts, and searches that make them useful, flexible, and customizable. Sharepoint have 2 versions: Sharepoint 7 & Sharepoint 10.

Each and every information is stored in database so database is so much important for us as well as its backup because if our database get lost or corrupted due to some reason so at least we have second key i.e. backup to restore and recover our database.

Each database company offers in-built backup facility in their database but you have to know how to manage it. Sharepoint have 2 types of backup systems: farm & granular as well as all other databases have different type’s backup systems.

The first thing which is very necessary to remember i.e. keep backups of data for routine purposes.

There are some restrictions to create a backup:
  • You cannot use a backup made from one version to restore to another version.
  • If you perform a backup while any task that creates or deletes databases is running, these changes might not be included in the backup.


Before you take back up of your data, you must create a shared folder in which the data will be stored.

Every user does not know these points & suffer with data loss problems & don’t have backup to restore & recover their data than they have only single option to use data recovery software. Many data recovery companies offer recovery software for each type of database like SharePoint Server Recovery, SQL Database Recovery, MYSQL Database Recovery, Oracle Database Recovery Software & so on. The best part of these software is: User doesn’t need to have any technical knowledge.

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