Tuesday, September 7, 2010

How to resolve DB2 database objects corruption errors

DB2 is called Database 2 which is introduced by IBM. A Database is the collection of database objects.

An overview of DB2 Database Objects:

Tables which contain rows & columns. Rows & columns contain data which can be inserted, deleted, updated with in a table.

A trigger is an object that contains application logic that is triggered by specific actions like an update to a table.

Views are an alternate way of representing data that exists in one or more tables.

A schema is an object that provides a logical grouping of other database objects.

A buffer pool is an area in physical memory that caches the database information most recently used.

When you accessing any table or any other database objects you recieve some errors and not accessed your database. Before take any action find the exact reason behind the error.

Some errors occur due to physical factor and easy to handle. Some errors occur due to logical corruption.

Reasons of logical corruption:

  • Improper System Shutdown
  • Corrupted Database Objects
  • Virus Attacks
  • System Error


In both cases you should first restore database objects from and updated backup.But in absense of updated backup then try third-party repair tools.

These Tools are very easy to use and have no need of technical knowledge. A DB2 Database Recovery Software repairs corrupted db2 database after any logical corruption situaton.

Stellar Phoenix DB2 Recovery recovers corrupted/damaged db2 database.It also recovers DB2 database components like tables, containers, views, schemas, triggers & buffer pool.It suppots Windows 2003, XP, 2000. It is an non destructive application that create a new recovered DB2 database with all the recovered database objects. The recovered database objects are saved at desired location and can be attached to DB2 Database.

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